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StealthGenie Mobile spy software currently offers 2 packages i.e 'Basic', 'Gold'. Please select your package and the period you wish to purchase StealthGenie for.

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BlackBerry Spy Software
StealthGenie - blackberry


Call History
Record Calls


Read All Incoming And Outgoing SMS Messages
Define Trigger Words for SMS


Read Blackberry Chat (Both Sides)
Pin Messages

Surround Recording

Record Phone's Surroundings (Upto 15ft)


Access Gmail Emails
Read Sent/Received Emails
Define Trigger Email Addresses
Define Trigger Words For Emails


View All Contacts Stored On The Phone
Reverse Phone lookup

Appointments and Calendar

Appointments and Calender Activities
Task Logs

Video, Photos, Audio

View Photos
View Videos
Listen To Music

Internet Browsing History and Bookmarks

View Bookmarks
View Internet Browsing History

Geo Location Tracking

Real Time Location Tracking
View Location History Of The Phone
Geo Fencing
Prohibited Locations
Tracking Without GPS
Location Through SMS

Security and Personal Use

Backup And Delete All Sensitive Data
Remotely Lock Phone
SIM Change Notification
Wipe Phone Data
Backup Phone Data
Installed App Logs

Alerts (SMS/Email)

Alerts On All Calls
Trigger Contact Call Alert
Alerts On All Sms
SMS Sent/Received From Trigger Contact Alert
SMS With Trigger Word Alert
Alerts On All Emails
Email From Trigger Email Address Alert
Email With Trigger Words Alert
Geo Fence Breach Alert
Prohibited Location Entry Alert
SIM Change Notification Alert


Set Preferences For Uploading Data
Remotely Pause Or Start Application
Remotely DeActivate Application

Other Features

Web Based Control Panel
Upgrades And Updates
100% Undetectable
Remote Control Via Web & SMS Commands


12 Months

6 Months

3 Months


starting at $8/month



starting at $13/month

Selected product:
BlackBerry Spy Software
StealthGenie - blackberry